Appeals Process

The Appeals process is available for any complaints that remain inadequately addressed, even after following due process. The Appeals process is a long process and attracts a fee. Requests that come to us, without having followed due process, will be rejected and the fee will not be reimbursed. Ensure that you read and understand clearly the Appeals Policy and Process, before going ahead with filling out the forms. 

  1. Stage 1: To start the process, the Complainant has to fill out the following form: Appeals form, pay the applicable fee and email the supporting documents and evidence to the Principal. The Principal will then launch the investigation and provide a report (with or without a resolution).

  2. Stage 2: If the appeal applicant is unhappy with the resolution, report or timelines for resolution, he/she can escalate to the IQA, via this form: Appeals IQA escalation form.Upon escalation, documents and files from Stage 1 will be passed on to the IQA. No additional fees will be charged. The IQA will review the Principal’s work, independently investigate if necessary and then issue his/her own report/resolution.

  3. Stage 3: If the applicant is still unhappy and has evidence that BHARCS has not followed policy, he/she can escalate to the awarding body by using the following form: Appeals final escalation form. Please note that the awarding organization will only become involved in Appeals once the first two stages are completed and the student has enough evidence to show that BHARCS has failed to follow it’s published policies.

Last modified: Thursday, 16 May 2019, 2:45 PM